Humano Móvil is a program that is developed thanks to the collaboration of the organizations Angeles de la Frontera / Border Angels and The school box project. 

Border Angels is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that advocates for human rights, humanitarian immigration reform and social justice with an emphasis on issues related to border issues between Mexico and the United States.

School box project works to provide trauma-informed programs to children displaced  by refugee camps and crisis. You will find a set of guiding principles that informs every choice we make by providing mobile, trauma informed education art and play to children displaced by conflict and crisis. School Project box provides mobile spaces, suitable for children, powered by solar energy and operating from any available infrastructure.

Mobile cinema works as a tool to provide other forms and perspectives of life, supporting the imaginary collective of children by seeing world situations through art and focusing on Human Rights. The films presented show real stories of the world and invite their own reflection and events, generating values such as empathy, respect and understanding.

The cinema functions are presented with an inflatable screen, speakers and projector, a "Kit cinema" consisting of a drink and popcorn is also provided, providing a unique experience in the shelters and rural / indigenous communities. This has an approximate duration of 2 hours, projecting around 7 Documentaries and short films.

The Mobile Human Cinema program also seeks to provide artistic classes, thus involving the international community of artists who seek to donate their time to teach different artistic disciplines -Painting, dance, cinema, photography, acting, music, etc- during the weekend .


Andrea Rincón.


As co-coordinator of the Mobile Human Cinema program, I faithfully believe that art provides a space of security and freedom where you can develop your skills, creativity and imagination. Working with children is an incredible opportunity to open their views of how they conceive their life, away from the environments of physical, psychological and economic violence.
During my experience, I can faithfully say that these types of programs are not only for displaced communities, they are also for volunteers. It is an opportunity to rethink our position in life, to generate empathy, to get involved in social and political situations, to re-educate ourselves and provide our time to change a life. The mission of this program is above all, to provide hope."